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What is stopping you from getting your dream job?

What is stopping your from attending that JAVA course? What is stopping you from starting your own business as your instinct whispers you to do? What is stopping you from going back to school to get the Master’s Degree that would help you get that promotion?
So many “whats” and so little good, valid reasons why we are keeping ourselves hostage from our own success.
Fear has always been the number one reason why we get stuck in life and chose to procrastinate, instead of taking one step at the time and enjoy the learning process.
Fear is what is stopping you from getting your dream job. Fear of not knowing if you will be any good at it, fear of not being competent enough, fear of realising that you are not meant to take this career path and face the challenge of having to contemplate another career prospect, fear of the unknown, fear of failure… just fear
Another state of mind adds to the recipe;
Lack of clarity
Doesn’t it go hand in hand with the fear of the unknown? Because we are not clear about the different steps to undertake to manifest our vision, the path is blurry and we once again refuse to move. But what is preventing you from getting the clarity you need to take the first step forward? Time? Lack of knowledge? Lack of tools…
As you can see, there are endless reasons why we do not get things done, and this is a conversation that we are wasting far too much time having with ourselves Let’s take action without thinking too much about it then… shall we?
Here are 6 things to need to do to get unstuck

  1. Grab a pen and paper, a tablet or a laptop
  2. Draw a table with 3 columns. Loves, Hates and Wishes. And fill them accordingly
    Your loves: What you really enjoy doing, learning, what you are good at?
    Your hates: Things you strongly dislike, things you hate doing in your current job
    Your wishes: Things you wish you would have more of, less of; things that you miss doing or you wish you would know how to do…
  3. Compare your loves and your wishes
  4. Identify your needs and career goals
  5. Write 3 basic steps which will gear in you in the direction of your goals
  6. Commit, be accountable and act upon them

Let me share with you a few inspiring quotes
“Don’t let your fear of what could happen, make nothing happen”
“In the end, we only regret the chances we did not get”
“Feel the fear and do it anyway”
And you, what do you do to overcome your fear?
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