“I now have excellent interview skills”

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I am so keen to express my feeling after the preparation for my job interview at St Marks Hospital for the role of Audit Coding Coordinator. I used to have difficulties in how to tackle the interview questions and also how to react throughout the process of the interview. So, after someone introduced me to her my life changed in terms of how to attend an interview. STAR technique, was the tool that I used to use to answer questions. However, I used to struggle because I couldn’t implement it whilst answering the question. My coach Ida introduced me the WOW technique, she has trained me exceeding well for all the questions which were asked at the interview. Enabling me to express excellent interview skills. As you know, when comes to the interview stage we never know who we are playing against.

I can’t thank her enough and can only recommend her to anyone wanting to develop their career, which I already did. ”


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