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With the surreal experience of covid19 pandemic, We are now living one of the most transformational and unsettling time humanly, at least in the last 40/50 years. We have been horrified and mortified by the murder of George Floyd. Yet, in the midst of all of this, we saw the diversity among the protesters of the BlackLivesMatter movement. We see change. We see humanity and we have faith in the future. But we all need to play a part.

Not being a racist does NOT help eradicate racism. There are only 2 ways to look into it. We are part of the problem or part of the solution. Either our actions contribute to the fight against racism, or they sustain and fuel racism. And fighting against it takes commitment, open-mind, and intentionality.  

There are so many ways we can stop this injustice! We were thrilled to see so many people from different ethnical and cultural background fighting for justice, decency, humanity, and LOVE. This is no longer a Black people problem, it is a rise in human consciousness about the injustice that Black people around the world, not only in America but also in France, in the UK, in Africa (yes in Africa too)… face today. And as we mentioned, we all have a part to play.

PARENTS AT HOME: There is only one race on the face of this earth, the human race, yet some decided to use our beautiful diversity and differences to divide, conquer, reign and feel superior to others. People hate because they are taught to hate. As parents, we need to introduce our children at an early age to the diversity of this world. If we do not have any diversity in our children books, in our social network or if we do not talk about the real world to our children, we are perpetuating an ignorance that can negatively impact their awareness growing up. We also have the crucial duty to empower them,  reminding them of how beautifully and perfectly made they are. Tell them about their history, ancestry, and heritage in an inspiring way. It is our role to acknowledge their talents, gifts, and to praise them for the beauty of their character.

AUTHORS AND TEACHERS: EDUCATION is KEY and KNOWLEDGE is POWER! It is time to challenge the curriculum and programmes in our schools and the books that teach our children. Including more art, culture and history that depicts the beauty of the people who live on this planet. We also need to create content that portrays the people in their POWER. Black people story and history did not start at the time of slavery. Not at all! Not at all! They are a descendant of queens, kings, and pharaohs. Their history is anchored in the most intimidating and richest continent on earth and THIS needs to be taught.

PROFESSIONALS AT WORK: It is time to stop hiding and engage in tough conversations in your workplace. If you are happy where you are. You feel included and respected in your company and happy in your career, then I am proud of you for honouring yourself and your dreams. If you feel undervalued, belittled, and frustrated, then change needs to come from either your management or from YOURSELF. Because yes, you are accountable and responsible to some extent for your own career and happiness. Are you investing in yourself? If you are from an ethnic minority, are you blaming the system for your career stagnation or are you taking control of your own destiny to tackle it? Very often, we have coached talented people blaming external factors for their failures when the real issue was their lack of self-esteem, confidence, lack of empowerment and clarity on who GOD designed them to be. It does not mean that racism does not exist of course, but sometimes you just attract your most dreadful fears to your reality. Refusing to send your CV, not preparing for an interview as you should, not showing who you really are in a meeting room by fear of being judged, too loud or visible… We have so many stories to share about this. This is a reality. So, we want us all to thrive! Dare! Succeed! and wherever you go, never let your values behind!

CORPORATE LEADERS: If as a Manager, Leader in the executive board or in an HR function you have never talked or addressed the issue of inclusion and diversity or if there is a lack of diversity at the highest corporate level in your organisation, then once again, this needs to be addressed. This is your responsibility. Promoting diversity and giving a fair chance for everyone who shows the skills, talent and abilities that can support your company’s vision and performance goals is your job. And if it has not yet been done, you should seriously start engaging with your employees right now and questioning yourself. Asking them how they feel in your organisation. Do they feel supported? Is their voice heard? Do you value their career development aspirations? How fair is your recruitment process?

ENTREPRENEURS/ BUSINESS OWNERS: To be completely unbiased, we must consume, support, and contribute to the economic empowerment of black people, BAME or any category of people who belong to a minority group. We need to support entrepreneurship! Pay for their products, promote their brand, recommend their services to others. There is no limit to success and room for everyone (it is actually quite empty the higher you go, you know…). Boosting the business of a young black entrepreneur or anyone from a minority group will allow them to open doors for others, for our children. To be present in the meeting rooms where big dogs make decisions. To have a voice that will be heard and that will make a difference.

We try to fight a system and a power in place but let’s not forget that PEOPLE ALWAYS HAVE THE POWER; and in order to be robust and sustainable, every system needs to be supported, maintained and lifted by the PEOPLE. Every single one of us can make a difference at our own level. As Mahatma Gandhi said: “Let’s be the change we want to see in the world”

If you think that this issue is not your problem, well you are wrong. It is the fight that we all must win to make this world a safe place for all and for the future generation that follows.

Let’s not forget our mission

“that God was reconciling the world to himself in Christ, not counting people’s sins against them. And he has committed to us the message of reconciliation.” Corinthians 5:19

And when we do good, good always comes back to us 😊

Then your light shall break forth like the dawn,
    and your healing shall spring up quickly;
your vindicator shall go before you,
    the glory of the Lord shall be your rear guard.” Isaiah 58:6-9

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