Is Career Coaching Really That Helpful?

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Career coaching has been trending for quite some time, yet, some of you may have never quite understood this process. Chances are, you might need a little push to move your life or career forward, that’s why you are here.

So, after reading a ton of positive testimonials from people who had a career coaching session, the idea of being coached starts to germ into your mind. As doubt is finding its way too, you are now wondering whether career coaching is really that helpful.

Before diving into the reasons why career coaching works and is effective, let’s define what is career coaching and when you might need it.

What is career coaching?

Coaching is a type of development in which an experienced individual (called coach) helps someone to reach a personal or professional goal via training and guidance, while, focussing on solutions, results, actions and accountability.

Once you decide to work with a coach, you will cooperatively explore ideas, share vision and work on a career plan. Only then, specific training might be suggested if you need further support to achieve your goals.

What is the role of a career coach?

The role of career coach is not to tell you what to do. Her/his first approach is to listen to what you have to say. She/he will then ask you the right questions to understand and assess your current situation. Including identifying any potential barriers.  

This first meeting can be done in person or can well be done via Skype or WhatsApp.

Once the career coach has identified where you are now and what you want to achieve, she/he will suggest a specific plan of action such as a CV booster, job search, etc  depending on the challenges you are facing that prevent you from moving forward.

This brings us to the next important question: why should you hire career coach?

When do you need career coaching?

There are many reasons why you might need career coaching. Here are just a few examples;

Feeling Stuck in your job

We’ve all been there. Feeling stuck in a job with no career progression is quite a frustrating experience that could make you feel very down. If it is the case, don’t let that bad feeling drag you further in a place you’ll regret later.

If you feel stuck in your job or career, career coaching could be a good starting point.

Career Change

Another reason to seek for career counselling is when you feel you are at a turning point of your work life.

Let’s face it, most professionals change job multiple times in their career. Recent study even stated that the typical Briton entering the workforce today can expect to have nine jobs including one major career change across 48 years of working. Goodbye to the « job for life » syndrome, professionals are active, dynamic. The want to grow and to learn. Which kind of make sense. Isn’t it boring to stay in the same job your entire life?

Just saying…

Moreover, the economy and businesses are evolving so fast that you better be prepared for any eventuality. And, career changing can be very daunting, if you don’t know how to make the smooth transition. Luckily, having someone who can help you in your career change can be very helpful.    

Can’t find a job

Imagine, you’ve lost your job and you’ve been searching for quite some time without success. Surely, another dreadful experience which can sometimes lead to depression and deep frustration.

Finding what you might be doing wrong will definitely help you improve your job search. This is again an opportunity for a career coach to step in and bring you the tool you need to succeed.

I hope you start seeing now the advantage of seeing a career coach.  

Career Coaching is helpful for career growth

When you decide to collaborate with a career coach or consultant, you are no longer alone in your professional journey. You’ll gain more clarity and guidance about your career. The frustration and all the negative energy you’ve experienced will dissipate even after talking one hour with a career consultant.

And, you’ll be amazed to notice that your confidence is back and even realise that you can work in your dream job if you really want to.

At IC Career Coaching our vision is to help you use your natural talent to build a sustainable and fulfilling Career.

Book a free consultation with us and let’s see how we can move you forward in your career.

Finally, career coaching is very helpful when you feel stuck in your professional life. Or simply, when you feel you need more clarity in your career. Once, the career coach identifies what you need, they will put into place strategies to move you where you want to be. Therefore career coaching may be the answer for professional growth and development that you want.

ICC Team

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