How to sell yourself when you are a shy job hunter

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First of all, let’s establish that there is nothing wrong with being shy, a bit reserved or introvert. They actually turn out to be great listeners and there are amazing opportunities out there that mainly require to work alone, on site and online which is the fastest growing industry due to the technology. However, not being able to uncover your knowledge and potential and your value of any potential employer could hinder your chances of landing your dream job. Learning a few techniques will definitely help you succeed at your interviews with flying colors.

1. Know who you are and what you have to offer
It is important to assess your level of competency for the role and have a clear idea of how your experience matches the company’s requirements and needs. Resume all your competencies, projects, achievements in what I like to call a career album and own it.

2. Focus on the story
As I like to say during my Mock Interviews, you need to have several stories ready prior to your interview
If you really aren’t comfortable saying ‘I’m good at managing my time’ you could talk about times when you managed your time well, using the CAR technique (describe the Circumstances, your Actions and the Results). For example: ‘There have been times when I have had to manage my time carefully to get things done. In my second year, I volunteered two mornings a week at a primary school through Community Action, but I also had to hand in two essays a week and I worked at a supermarket for eight hours a week. I handed in all of my work on time, met all of my volunteering obligations and still worked my eight hours, although I did swap shifts with colleagues on a couple of occasions.’ In this example, the candidate isn’t explicitly saying they’re good at time management, but it’s clear that they are.
You can also refer to feedback and impress your interviewer by saying something along the lines of ‘My manager complimented me on my time management skills’ (as long as it’s true, of course).

3. Practice, practice, practice
Practicing for a job interview beforehand can help you feel more confident when you find yourself sitting across from the interviewer. The more you practice, the less stressed you are likely to feel by the time the actual interview rolls around. Practice involves more than answering interview questions in front of a mirror or being coached by family or friends. Make it a point to practice relaxing, as well. If job interviews make you feel anxious, develop ways to help alleviate your stress. For example, do deep breathing exercises a few minutes before the interview. Breathe in deeply through your nose and then slowly let the breath out through your mouth. Continue until you feel more relaxed

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