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IC Career Coaching

The first multilingual platform for career development and online learning 

Everybody deserves to make their dream career their reality.

That’s why we provide a transformational coaching for everyone, everywhere! 

Our promise is to help you reach 3 crucial goals:

  • To gain an absolute CLARITY on your career and aspirations.
  • To restore your CONFIDENCE by identifying  your unique accomplishments and talents.
  • To finally reach of your career goals thanks to a powerful PLAN OF ATTACK.

Whether you are looking to build a better career, get the job of your dream, work in your ideal country or start your own business, we will help transform your life and find your self again.

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CV Booster : An online makeover in real-time

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Main Services

CV + LinkedIn

We design and write for you tailor-made, keyword-optimized CV and LinkedIn profile that will help you land interviews.

CV Booster with IC Career Coaching

CV Booster

A life-changing coaching with online CV makeover, perfect to identify your transferable skills and target your dream job.

Mock Interview

Train yourself with 10 questions, tailored to your upcoming interview, for an amazing confidence boost.

Job Search Mentoring

Desperately looking for a job? We will do the ground work for you and design an unbeatable strategy, for a 100% success.

Who is it for?

  • Active job seekers
  • Long-term job seekers
  • Expat job seekers
  • Career changers
  • Graduates

We have helped hundreds of professionals  across the globe, landing their dream job in the construction or public sector, retail, IT & Telecommunications, finance etc…

Whether you are looking for a job abroad, or wishing to embark on a new career journey, our coach will help you reach your goals.

Upcoming Events

CV Masterclass

Coming Soon!

CV Masterclass

Coming Soon!