Working in Events? 5 Amazing transferable skills for a successful Career Change

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If you are working in events: Where to go from here?  See post here.

Numerous industries have been brutally affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Until this once thriving industry recovers from this massive impact, a lot still needs to be done by the government to create the right conditions to ensure a safe return to work for all of us.

But all is not lost if you are or have been impacted by the pandemic. Trust that you have a lot to offer. I dare you to expand your vision and to see yourself without borders or limits. See yourself as a solution- provider. Throughout all these years, you have done more than creating events, you have built relationships, managed projects, promoted brands, created unforgettable memories for wide audiences!

I always tell my clients that now more than ever is the right time to reflect on your goals, your vision, and your life. With furloughed staff anxiously or joyfully 😊 waiting for the next chapter of this incredible story, a lot of professionals seek advice to identify the best direction for a new career.

If you have been working in events what do you have to offer to a new industry?

I thought I would share with you a few of my clients’ success stories and remind you of who you are and what you can offer to a new company.


with the ability to manage large delivery plans from initiation to completion, across numerous fast-paced programmes. You have exceptional organisational, budget and planning abilities as well as great operational problem-solving skills. Recipe for a successful career change: Complementing your skillset with Agile, Scrum or Kanban would open new doors to wonderful opportunities as a Project Manager within the tech industry, still hiring as I am writing this article by the way. With so many companies turning their business online, a lot needs to be done to coordinate the activities of all different business units. A Prince 2 qualification, or a strong knowledge of Microsoft Project, would be a bonus and enable you to access positions in Project Administration. Add a digital marketing training to your book (internet, social media, web) and creative software such as Adobe Creative Indesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch, Invision… and you could strongly position yourself as a Creative Project Manager.


Let’s be honest, most of your work is talk, talk, talk. You know how to influence, persuade, and promote a project or an event; motivate a team just by using the right words. Recipe for a successful career change: Focus on your success stories in public relations, media and marketing and how you managed to tell a company’s vision to appeal to new customers, internal stakeholders, external partners or high-profile personalities and VIP. You could target a position in PR and Communications. If you have solid digital skills, you could easily occupy a position in Digital Marketing or Digital Communications.


with outstanding communication skills and a winsome personality. People trust your judgement and you can support the growth of any business through the quality of your interactions with others. Recipe for a successful career change: If you focus on your proven track record driving sales or generating revenue by liaising with strategic partners, sponsors, large institutions, you could easily transition to positions in Account Management, Sales or Business Development. You could also be great in Customer or Supplier Relationship Management.


You know how to promote a brand. You know how to tell a great story to attract an audience, using various advertising and marketing channels. You have great customer service skills and you know how to create the best customer experience. Recipe for a successful career change: You could be great as a Brand Ambassador. If you speak a foreign language, it is a massive bonus!


Delivery, Delivery, Delivery by Any Means Necessary. Creating amazing events within a tight budget is what you do best. You are a fearless negotiator with the natural ability to get what you want, whilst building trust with suppliers and create a long-lasting relationship. Recipe for a successful career change: If you have experience in tender activities, contracts, supply chain and logistics. You have strong analytical skills and solid industry knowledge, then directing your career towards specific roles in procurement, supply chain or logistics could be a smart move providing that you aim at an industry that is still booming in this current climate such as online retail or tech.

So, what about you? What type of Events Planner are you?

There are some opportunities for you out there. But you need to know yourself, to then position yourself the right way and grab them. Do not be scared to tell the world who you are and what you can do! Get out of your comfort zone and you will be considered as a valuable candidate even in this difficult climate.

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