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IC Career Coaching (ICCC)

Career And Talent Management Consultancy

Vision: Providing the most motivational, authentic and pragmatic career coaching. And help you use your natural talent to build a sustainable and fulfilling career

Since 2006, ICCC has been a trusted career partner to many professionals and companies in Europe and Africa.

 Whether you are:

An active and/or long-term job seeker dealing with job search fatigue,

A career changer wishing to embark on a new journey or looking for an expat job abroad,,

A growing company or emerging leader looking for talented professionals who fit with your culture and will show drive and dedication in everything that they do,

Our career and talent management consultants help you overcome all type of challenges for achieving your goals.

Our success is yours. So, let’s start our journey today.

CV Booster : An online makeover in real-time

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CV Booster with IC Career Coaching

CV Booster

A life-changing coaching with online CV makeover, perfect to identify your transferable skills and target your dream job.

CV And LinkedIN help with IC Career Coaching

Career Discovery

We extract and identify your personal skills and strengths through extensive exchange, self-reflection and techniques.

Mock Interview preparation with IC Career Coaching

Mock Interview

Train yourself with 10 questions, tailored to your upcoming interview, for an amazing confidence boost.

Job Search Mentoring

Desperately looking for a job? We will do the ground work for you and design an unbeatable strategy, for a 100% success.

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